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Yorkshire Terrier



Yorkshire Terrier
4.2 °

Fermentation Basse
Brasserie York

A premium bitter with a rich, creamy malt and full hop palate finish. The story goes that one of the original brewers in York had a pet dog, which he would take to work. He would tie the dog alongside the Mash Tun where it would wait patiently all day for the work to be done. The dog remained loyal to the brewer for many years until, due to old age, the dog died. Curiously the brewer believed that the dog's loyalty continued after its death and that, in spirit, it remained with him. Unexplained happenings began, and the spirit developed a mischievous and characterful presence. Yorkshire Terrier Bitter continues the story and its lively character reflects all that is good in " man's best friend ".

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