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Fermentation Basse
Soegaards Bryghus

This bottom fermented lager is modelled after the Czech beer style 'pilsner'. Jomfruhumle appears as a golden beer with an intense head. The lightly malted body, made by pilsner malt, is matched by genrous amounts of Saaz-hops, so that the beer is a good thirst quencher but at the same time with more taste than traditional pilsner. Jomfuhumle (Virgin hop) is given its name after the part of the hop that contributes with the bitterness in beer - the hop cones - and it is only the unfertilized female plant that carries these. The origin of the pilsner dates back to 1842 in the Czech city Plzen (Pilsen) that also gave name to the style that already from start turned out a worldwide succes.

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